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I’m a sunny person,
friendly and helpful.


I was born in 1970, in Alba, and I’m married to Francisca. We have two children with whom I share my passions: football, music, good food, wine, tennis and love for the mountains and the sea.

I like to travel and the places that I prefer the most are New York, the peaceful island of Formentera and the exotic Maldives.

A film that I cannot stop watching is Gladiator; while my favorite book is “Zero limits” by Joe Vitale.


 I love nature,
the sea and traveling in general.


I was born in 1985, in Brazil and now I live in Alba. Despite the distance, my beloved Brazil is always in my heart, along with the Caribbean islands and the United States, the places that I prefer.

I like eating and I adore the brasileiras specialties such as angus picagna meat and the caipirinha.

My favorite film is Pretty Woman, while I could reread “11 minutes” by Paolo Coelho forever. In my spare time I like to listen to good music, in particular Laura Pausini and Ivete San Galo.

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